#tag.city is an ongoing project reclaiming our cities by projecting hashtags (#) lent from the virtual world on streets, facades or subways. Graffiti for the anxious - or the smart - one. I designed a tool to clip stencils in front of the cell phone flashlight. A tool for activism in the public space to leave ephemeral comments in the world around us. Responding to the excessive hashtag and comment trend in social media, I want to take the discourse out  into the real world. The process is very analog and every hashtag is consciously produced.

 I am always surprised how much people #prayforparis or even are Paris. But in reality the conversations in bars or restaurants don't really correspond with my news feed fled by outrage and sympathy. Hashtagging the world around me gives me the chance to go public. My comment exists just for a minute in this context. If I sprayed #fuck10$sandwiches on the walls of coffee shops in Manhattan, I can't count to three before the police arrests me. This magic of the moment gives me power as an activist. I am projecting personal comments as well as some of the 25 most popular hashtags on Instagram. In a different context #cute, #girls or #beauty  appears -literally- in another light.

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