shtayim- שְׁתַּיִם means 'two' in Hebrew. The lamp is result of a lighting class at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv.  Shtayim because it consists of two sticks, with a diameter of 22 mm, which are intermateable over two wholes in two different heights. With a simple action the tilt angle - and thus the direction of light - can be changed. Besides its function as a desk lamp, the 'light stick' is also usable without the  pedestal. shtayim is mobile – it is not only light, but also tool. 

The lamp invites to be leaned, deposited, or hung with the cable kink over a hook. Designed for people who appreciate a flexible light and work situation. The 500mm long sticks and the turned pedestal are  made out of untreated beechwood. The LED string is embedded in the wood and therefore perfectly isolated. In contrast to other materials wood doesn‘t warm up and the LED's produce very little heat so that there is no risk of fire.


The individual parts are just stucked together and demountable in a few simple steps. This supports a modern, flexible lifestyle and ensures an eco-friendly packaging and transportation. 

Joints and mechanisms are based on the principles of friction and pressure – the use of adhesives and additional materials got avoided. This makes it possible to dispose all materials separately. After pulling out the LED's and the cable, the wooden sticks could just be thrown back in the forest.