Over the course of a week two strangers were writing each other emails. They ask for specific video requests to get to know the other person. A carpet of moving images - snippets of a persons life - accrues. Videos responses to 'What is the favorite thing in your apartment?' or 'What you struggle most with?' form an interactive portrait of the inconnu. Portrait Of A Stranger is a project consisting out of two dynamic web pages one for each stranger. The single videos are arranged in a grid over the page, by hovering over they get activated. Amongst the responding videos are also screen captures of the requests - the emails written by the strangers. By hovering over, those requests enlarge to be readable. Important is the sound of typing these emails, as well as the ambience background sounds of the sender (music, apartment, subway). By clicking on the videos they start and stop. By playing all the videos and their sound at the same time, another soundscape, another portrait of the stranger appears - a sound collage of her life.


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