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WORK IN PROGRESS / In collaboration with Natalia Cabrera and Anna Ridler

The 'Earth Overshoot Day' marks the date where resource consumption exceeds the Earth’s capacity to regenerate the latter resources in that year. We have created a website that calculates your personal Earth Overshoot Day based on some simple questions and shows in the form of a newspaper what the world in 2040 looks like if everyone answered like you.

The project is not based on scientific facts. In a humorous way we want to point out how much personal decisions and our consumption behavior influence pressing issues of our times such as climate change, energy or mass production. By clicking on the imaginary constructed articles and pictures the user gets lined to real background information related to the issued problems.

Depending on the responses your personal overshot day gets "calculated".  People with an overshot date early in the year, January through April, will land in 2040 in the 'Super Apocalypse' where the whole planet is flooded. From May through August it will be 'Uncomfy Normal' where a war on energy dominates the world. The sustainable ones amongst us might land in 2040 in a 'Hippietopia'. A world full of peace and harmony, where politicians meet for yoga and cars belong to the past. But maybe other problems will be revealed if everyone would have answered as green as you did...

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