Old Possessions, New Myths got created during a residency in Athens, Greece in the summer of 2017. The project reflects on the relationship between property and identity in times of crisis. Through urban interventions I raise the question of ownership and emotional belonging in a neoliberal world where new narratives need to be created. Local culture, countless conversations and a hint of mythology were main inspiration for the project. I lend methods and forms of expression from what I saw in Athens - from street art to flyers. 

The project consists out of

* questions
* flyers
* posters
* projections
*and a myth


!!! Take a look at the full project here !!!


It's all about the money. Or it's all about property.
Property = dignity = identity.


Through my research I stumbled over the website of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund. There one can buy pretty much everything that belongs to Greece - from port authorities and islands, over thermal springs and airports to drinking water.


Reacting to this website I started a flyer campaign raising the question of ‘ownership’.
Not only regarding economical property, but also the question of who owns - to whom belongs - the Aegean Sea, the views, the olives, the cats in front of white-blue houses, the Greek identity; if the whole country is one sale?