A project in collaboration with Sophie, a young woman suffering from partial paralysis. In a research and development group we worked on solutions and design products for handicapped people in order to make their lives easier. KITBAG is a bag equipped with special features in order to provide affected people more independence in their daily routines..

During the intensive exchange with Sophie we dealt with her concrete needs and problems, which provided the basis for the development of the results.  To be paralyzed one side of your body means to live with only one available hand. Affected people need continuous support with all their activities: get a drink, use a cell phone,or listen to music.. This was the design’s starting point for Kitbag. To facilitate access to belongings, Kitbag is provided with specific compartments that contain all the important objects for the everyday life. All the closures work with magnets, an elastic band in the shoulder strap helps to put it on, the angular chamber pockets are more accessible and the bag is adjustable with one hand over a buckle. Modern and pure in appearance, Kitbag is not only for handicapped people, it works for everybody - whether one or two-handed, whether old or young.


In the course of the development particularly closures represented a challenge. Every zipper, velcro, fastener or button usually needs the intervention of both hands to be opened. I solved this problem by using magnets as closures - the opening works by gliding just one hand in between. Since in a wheelchair the freedom of movement is always limited, the compact shape allows to wear the bag close to the body. The biggest pocket can be taken off what gives the possibility to use it in a smaller version. Through an integrated pulling mechanism the keys are always at the fingertips.