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The DRECK AND DROP (Dreck, pronounced like drag, means in German dirt) project was generated in a four-day workshop in the CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) at Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin. A CAVE is defined as a space for projection of a three-dimensional illusional world of virtual reality. It consists of three walls with stereo images which are generated by back projection, as well as a bottom-up projection. Only through special glasses these projections become visible in 3D. 

A sketching tool featured with different functions (pen, rubber, pincers) get tracked by six cameras. With this tool it is possible to draw, erase and grip in three dimensions. For the video we put the glasses in front of the camera. The sketching tool is mounted on all day life objects to link two different worlds - to mix tangible things with a virtual environment. By using the gripping-function of the pen we created digital motion through mechanical actions. A real broom, made out of wood and plastic, sweeps digital trash made out of bits and bytes. A paint roller covers the air space in glittering pink.

In collaboration with Filip Kujawski.


Broome with mounted tracker. Flat projections on the floor is how it looks without the 3D glasses. For the video we put the 3D glasses in front of the lens of the camera while filming.

Glasses to watch projections in 3D.